Craft Room Old to New

My youngest son just moved out on the 1st of Feb 2012. He had the whole third floor as an apartment. He is getting married on the 29th. So now that the third floor is empty my craft room is being moved.  I’m so excited.

This is the mess that is moving up the stairs, I told it was a mess. This is off of my kitchen, mind you, it is not hidden at all. This is why I use my dinning room to create. There is even more stuff in that room. My bedroom and my daughters room has sewing supplies that will also go upstairs. It is a good thing it is such a large area.

 Here is some pictures of the room before painting.

 This is the room all painted and ready for the new flooring. I love Parker Paint, I got 5 gallons of miss mixed paint for free. I like the color it turned out.

I’ll post more pictures when the flooring is done. My very sweet hubby is working so hard to get us up there. I Love that man!!

This is my wonderful husband laying the wood floor. The first half is done and he is starting on the second half.

This is where my ribbons will be for now. At least the ones that aren’t in the pretty glass jars.

 Some of the stuff is getting put in now. We had some tall bookshelves, so I had him cut them to use what we had. We still have 3 more to do. I so needed to go through all those books the big pile on the floor is leaving.

I will post a picture when I’m closer to being done. 

This is my baby that hangs out with me up stairs. He is 7.5 months old.  My desk is 3 ft wide. His back is taller then the desk when he is standing up. He is such a good boy for a puppy.

Ok, back to the room.... This is the table behind my desk. It has my Big Sot Pro and Cricut Expression on it. This is where most of my cutting will be done. 

We just moved all my paper upstairs. This is my wall of paper just as you come up the stairs. 
We moved the other one out of the way. This is just 12x12s the 8.5x11 are in a file cabinet just across the walk way from this.

My goal is everything will be up stairs by this Friday and then all I have to do is find where it goes. 

I am un-mounting my background stamps. The bottom 4 rows have been done. It would fill one shelf now. The other 3 rows I haven’t decided what I want to do with those yet. They are the full alphabet upper and lower.

I’m about 1/2 through at this photo. What a difference in space. 

To use them I lay them on my desk and ink up then put the paper on top of that, the same way I did it with the wood on. It is the only way I can make sure the pressure is all over the image.

My first piece of vinyl for these walls is up. It is kind of behind my desk.
 Added the tins of flowers on hooks because I can’t really put a shelf up to display all my pretty flowers. I have more that I haven’t figured where they are going. They aren’t in pails.
 Some of the ones in glass jars. This cute 12 drawer storage is on my desk next to all my copic and colored pencil (that my daughter stoled)
 So at night when I’m walking back down the stairs in the dark. I’m the kind of person who would fall.

The flowers in the corner are the loose ones I’ve picked up for wedding cakes and what not. I was tired of them being in bags so I covered the container with ribbon and hung it in the corner. I was happy how it turned out.

 The other side of the room. These are all the games that I kept.

I’m loving my room, Thank you for the visit.