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Pumpkin Creamer

Hello everyone, I found a recipe for Pumpkin creamer on Pinterest ("Next to Heaven" is her blog) but on my word was it fatting; 1 cup whole milk & 1 cup heavy cream. I’m sure it was very yummy, how could it not be....right? But this body can’t handle that, so I altered it. I love the healthier version. 
2 cups Almond milk, I use original  
3 Tbs Maple syrup the good stuff
3 or  4Tbs Pumpkin puree
1tsp pumpkin spice
1tsp vanilla

She says to heat it but I just throw it all into my blendtec blender and blend for a few seconds to a min or so. Pour into a glass jar and store in frig. 
Oh and if you want a yummy treat; add some ice cream and creamer in the blender to make a milkshake. My daughter loved that. You could always add a little spirits to it too.

Later that day I made eggnog using the Almond milk. That was so good and not all the fat because I didn’t use any whip cream in it.   

S’more yumminess........

This is the S’more pizza from Papa Murphy’s. When it came out of the oven I thought it would be yummy to add a small scoop of “Bear Claw” ice cream and a little whip on top. 
Oh my word was it yummy