Tutorials and How to’s

I just recieved about 300 yards of Hug Snug seam binding. So I thought I would give dying it a try. It is so easy and i’m loving the results. I used Tattered Angels sprays and the other sparkle sprays.
There are 4 batches in these photos made with the first set of directions.
First way of doing it that adds a little sparkle.....
  1. Cut about 3 - 5 yards of binding and place on a mat that you can make a mess on.
  2. Spray using your lightest color first flipping binding around.
  3. Spray with the next color until your happy with it. If you want to add more color then keep going but be careful to not make it muddy.
  4. If you want it to be super wrinkly wad it up in a ball and let it set to dry.
  5. All done

Second way of doing it....
  1. Cut ribbon/seam binding as above or to what ever size you need.
  2. On your mat put a few drops of re-inker in different spots then spray with some water. The more water the lighter it will be.
  3. Drop your ribbon/seam binding on to mat and roll/flip it around until your happy with the look. If it needs more color then set the ribbon to the side a little and do step 2 again.
  4. Let dry for a smoother ribbon or wad up in a ball for wrinkle ribbon.
Hope you enjoy all the pretty colors you make.