Monday, December 12, 2011

Home again......

So the cruise to Hawaii is done and I’m home. So glad to see my granddaughter. I missed her so much. To sleep in my own bed has been wonderful. Now I can work on holidays and wedding stuff. Life sure does speed by. I enjoyed the time I spent with my husband. Poor thing ended up sick.

The picture that has the round circle was taken through the periscope at the Arizona monument.
The picture of the man with the shell was our driver for the tour we took. He was the best driver we have ever had. He said we are family so call me cuz good looking. The shell was his “shell phone” he would blow it when we had to get back on the bus.

The Arizona was very touching to see. All those lives that were lost. The sacrifes that have been made by so many so we can have the right to do as we please. I just wish it was to honor God and others.

So now to find the time to create.......

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