Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A winter wonderland outside my window.

I love to sit inside my nice cozy home and look out at the beauty
when I’m creating.

Our Dogs love the snow and this is Brutus’s first snow. He is 6 months today. My daughter was kicking it up so he could catch it. He is so happy and its fun to watch him play in it. Rascal her 6 lb yorkie loves the snow too. We have 2 danes, ones 8 years old and Brutus. We have the yorkie and a cocker too.

These are the words I got from God today and it sums up the snow.
"Just like Jesus covers our sins is the blanket of white when He covers the earth and makes her so beautiful.

May you see and feel that beautiful today.”


Stampmouse said...

wow. pretty they say it is headed our way kind a hoping it stays in the mountains though

Mommamea's favorite things said...

Hopefully this next storm front does not it you. We are having winds and rain to add to the weight on roofs. Lots of power outages. We have lost ours a few times but not for to long....Thank you Lord.