Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cards from a card book

I bought these books, 5 in all a very long time ago. There the ones where you make the card from the books supplies. The printed paper and images are in them you supply the card base and envelope. I made 6 cards from the supplies of 1 card. This is what I made.... the first card is the one that was in the book. The rest are from the paper pieces that were left over.

The Noah’s ark card I colored the boat and animals with colored pencils. Then cut them apart to make the layers. Pop dotted then together to get that piece. I have been saving it for awhile waiting for the right project.....Well this was not it but it is on its way to “Operation Write Home” i figure a little boy will be blessed by his mom or dad to get it.

I’m so not going to use these so my daughter-in-law took them.

Yea!! there out of my house.

All of these cards are being sent to “Operation Write Home” along with a very large flat rate box full.

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