Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paper Piecing Background

I have drawn a sketch 2 or 3 times now of a pieced background but have never taken the time to try out my creation. So yesterday
while I was in mycraft room working. I was trying to decided if I want to keep some small pieces of paper.

So I made a card with the pieces of scraps. I see many more of these in my future. I hate to throw away small piece of pretty paper, specially if it is retired or I don’t know who it was from but loved the pattern or color. Now I don’t have too.

Went through my box of colored images to see if I had anything that would work on there, I figured her pink shirt worked and I liked that I could have her sitting on a block. I pop dotted her foot so it would stick out some. I have been trying to use some of my stuff up so when I found the little container of pink flowers I knew where I was going to use those.

No sentiment, this card would be great for just a note to a friend.

Hope This helps you use up some of your small paper stash.
God Bless your day and go create something.

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