Monday, August 6, 2012

What I Made for My Handsome Man.....

So tomorrow is a big day for us, 30 years of marriage. He is taking me to a very nice resort for the night. It’s hard to believe that we made it this far. Our first date, he said this is just to go out and have fun nothing serious. This was after me telling him something about a rumor and if that was why he was taking me out then he could take me home. He became my Knight-in-Shining Armor. He protected me from the one who started the rumor and he still protects me today. When I was having my very bad year and then had to face some of those who caused he was standing by my side when he was suppose to be out of town. I love this man that is a true gift from God.

When I seen this image over at I just knew it was perfect for this page. I pray that each of our 4 kids find this kind of relationship. That they have a happily ever that is as wonderful as ours. God has blessed us with so much and brought us through many a storm that has just made us stronger. If I had it to do over, I wouldn’t change a thing......Well, maybe I would spend money like I did.  
May God bless your life and marriages/relationships as much or more then mine.    


Penny said...

First, let me congratulate you on your 30 years! That's a feat--I know, we are at 42 now! And I wouldn't trade mine in for anything--he spoils me rotten! LOL!
Secondly, what a great page for your anniversary. And you are right, the stamp is perfect for the page! Have a great time on your evening out! :^)

Oma said...

Congrats on your 30th! We just celebrated our 40th! My hubby is my best friend and I would marry him all over again. I can definitely relate to the body sizes! Hubby is only about 10 lbs. heavier now than he was 40 yrs. ago. I won't say how much heavier I am! LOL