Saturday, August 25, 2012

What I’ve Been up to This Week.......

Well I have been creating like crazy. I have an announcement soon So you can’t see what I’ve been working on until September..... Sorry guys. 

Well on Wednesday I finally did it. I have wanted a tattoo for over 10 years but it was never the right timing.

Then I decided I was going to do it for my 30th anniversary. I’m almost 50 years old and I do believe it is time for me to do my hearts desire. My tattoo is of the most important people in my life starting with my savior. 

So it Starts with Jesus in my heart and on my pulse. Then it goes to Jerry, my sweet husband, who is my true gift from God. 

Then to my 1st born Steven. He is a wonderful man now, I’m very proud of him.  After Steven is Brandon, I couldn’t be any proud of who he has become.

Following Brandon is Royce. He is sunshine on a cloudy day. He has grown into a wonderful man. I’m proud to call him my son. 

God had promised me a daughter and 4 years 17 days after Royce she arrived. When we found out I was pregnant Royce called her by her name from the start. She is strong willed and loves the Lord with every ounce of her being. I’m proud of the woman she has become. I’m truly blessed to have this much love in my life.


Penny said...

Teresa, you are the second person today to tell me that she got a tattoo! That cracks me up! :^)

Stampmouse said...

Beautiful. I love the thought process you had with this. The script is lovely

Mommamea's favorite things said...

Thank you ladies for your comments.

Kathi said...

Woot! Congratulations. Fabulous tattoos and very meaningful too.