Sunday, April 1, 2012

Female Birthday Card.

This is the ladies birthday card for the swap I’m in that is due on May 1st. I only have one more set of 12 to do.

I got to use a kit that I had made for the Primetimers that I used to work with. The other side of this paper is more of a Christmas print so that was the side we used for that kit. When I found this in my move I thought how perfect it was for this if I used the peachy side.

I’m very happy with it and the bonus is I didn’t have to do any cutting. I just stamped and assembled. The second bonus is another thing was cleaned out of my room. I love when I can use up some of this stuff.

I really had a bad hoarding thing when it came to my crafts. I feel so good using this stuff up and being able to donate it to a great cause. Isn’t that what its all about. After I get these back they are going to my church for the Pastor to send out.

Well I hope your April 1st is a good one and the "fools" are fun for both sides.
Happy April Fools everyone.

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