Saturday, April 28, 2012

Last Fun Weekend

Last weekend we went to the Kangaroo farm and then we went to the Tulip Fields. 
These are some of the flowers we bought. They are all open now and so pretty. 

My sweet husband knelt down and just stayed there until she felt safe enough to come visit him. She was licking his hands and nuzzling him. 
He has such a gentle spirit. 

My sweet girl holding a 6 week old baby. I’m so shocked she didn’t ask for one.

My daughter-in-law holding the baby next.

                               My little arm-wrestling state champ for 2011 out playing with us.

 My daughter is asked regularly to take pictures of groups. I think its funny so I finally captured it. She was carrying 2 big cameras for her day trip.
 Such a beautiful day God gave us. I love this picture with the mountains in the background.

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Kathi said...

Beautiful photos of your lovely family. Those fields of tulips are gorgeous. Reminds me of Holland.

I'm jealous that you got to pet a kangaroo and hold a joey!

The peacock is gorgeous too.