Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Tree Card 3

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day. Mine was wonderful. I signed another friend for my doTERRA business on the 21st. Then I got the item I wanted the most, a massage table so I can do Aroma-touch on people. That was from my wonderful hubby.

It has been a busy season. I hope you can have a little time to relax before the new year hits.

May your New Year be bright. Thank you for visiting me today. It blesses me so much when you stop by.


Penny said...

Oooh, another great take on that tree, Teresa! Love this one, too! :^)
Congrats on your massage table! I have one I used for Reiki, but haven't gotten it out of the garage for a long time--the older I get, the harder it is to set up! I probably should just sell it! ;^)
Glad you had a great Christmas!
Hugs, Penny

Linda Palmer said...

This is a beautiful tree. I love your design. Great card for mass production. Glad you had a good Christmas.