Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ok... This one is my Aunts Card. (Please don’t be offended)

When I made the first one she said “I want something old-fashioned” I so so you want it to be vintage feeling she said yes.  

She calles me this morning and says its beautiful what she can see. I asked did you get the one I was pranking you with she said no so I told her about this image. What does she say...” I think that one would be better” So I made it for her instead. 

She want to write on the inside.... something to the effect of “you had a body that you could jump out of a cake with”. 

Where did I get this image you ask.... Go check out redonkulous designs. Thats where I found Birthday Cake surprise. My sweet husband said I did such a good job on her, he likes the feathers.

Well this is not my usual card but I like it. Hope I didn’t offend anybody. That was not my intent and I’m sorry if I did. She was made for two sisters to tease each other. Thank you for coming for a visit today. I hope you have a wonderful day and that God pours blessing on you.


Penny said...

OMGoodness, what a hoot! :^)
You did a great job with the image--absolutely love the feathers! LOL!

Lorraine said...

LOL - now that's a fun image and I bet it was fun decorating! The cake looks fab, as does your coloring! Bet your Aunt will love her card!

Mommamea's favorite things said...

Thank you, Penny and Lorraine. It was fun to make. I have a vanilla cake with a blonde ready to go. I just have to design the card.