Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sparkly!!! Card.

Pirate Penny is from Sassy Studio Design and the sentiment is from TLC Creations. It was free. I love that sentiment. I have another one I’m working on.

I added pearls in the sand and glitter in the eyes of the skull. I used a clear star pin to go over the Sparkly. I had so much fun creating this card. I seen it on another blog. I did the layout different but if I could remember who I would say thank you for the idea. 

I hope you enjoyed todays additions. She was fun to make. I hope you have a blessed day and you can bless someone around you.


Margaret said...

Your card looks fabulous although it's a little hard to read the sentiment since it's not straight on. Your coloring looks amazing!

Mommamea's favorite things said...

It says” I was ready to take on the world, but got distracted by something sparkly” I love this saying. Thank you for the sweet comment, it so makes my day.