Monday, June 25, 2012

Two Roads CAS

This wonderful set is from Our Daily Bread Design. It is called “Quote Collection 1” I really have a thing for trees so I love both of the sets like this that have trees on them. This was such an easy card. That is why is is a CAS = Clean and Simple.

I die cut a piece of acetate to make the masks, positive and negitave. I used the negative to protect the white area while I inked the inside. then to make it easier for the dots I placed the positive piece down and went around the edge touching the piece. That is why it isn’t everywhere. If I had not done that I would have them out and on the blue. I really don’t have a steady hand to make them stay in a perfect line.

This card took the most time to figure out which label mask I wanted to use. You could make this card in 5 min if you knew everything you wanted to use. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Please come visit again soon. 


NanaConnie said...

Oh, this is really beautiful ! I'm now your latest follower. :-D Would you consider getting rid of the word verification thingy that makes us prove we're not robots? It's extremely difficult for those of us who suffer from dyslexia to read what we're supposed to type in. Using comment moderation works even better and doesn't waste the time of those who want to leave comment. I have to say when I got rid of my word verification, the number of comments I got increased greatly. Think about it, won't you? :-D

Unknown said...

Thank you for joining my blog. I removed the verification thing. Not sure when they put it on because I didn’t. I understand the dyslexia thing, I have dealt with it all my life. Thank you for pointing this out. It doesn’t come up for me on my blog. lol